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iPhone 5 battery life fix – simple system tweaks to apply.

Apple iphone 5 battery life fix

Fix for iPhone 5 Battery Life

The constraint with regard to iPhone 5 battery life deprives the device to gain full marks although your apple iPhone may be at the top in the popularity chart. The iPhone 5 battery life is not as good as that of BlackBerry, the old business favorite. The trouble is that unlike the old BlackBerry or Nokia 3310, the batteries of our smart-phones don’t seem to last as long as they used to. While the iPhone is not a horrible power hog, particularly in terms of standby time, there still are situations where your iPhone battery can drain too fast. So, is there anything you can do for your iPhone 5 battery life fix so as to lessen your phone’s battery anxiety? Fortunately, you can prolong battery life of apple iPhone noticeably by implementing a few simple system tweaks mentioned in this article.

New iOS 7 adds a number of built-in functions which may increase strain on your iPhone battery. While some of these features such as AirDrop could prove useful, others, such as dynamic wallpapers or even automatic app updates are not essential and when disabled can save energy significantly and hence battery life.

Here are few simple and proven techniques to help you to extend your iPhone 5 battery life, including tips for new iOS 7.

• Turn off AirDrop when not needed (iOS 7)

Apple iphone 5 battery life fixAirDrop is a feature available for iPhone 5 series running iOS 7 which allows you to share photos and files with your friends and relatives over the air when they are close to each other. But when not in use this feature should be turned off or else it drains battery faster than you can expect, particularly when it is in “discoverable” mode.

To switch off this, simply swipe up from your Home screen to bring up the Control Centre and then tap AirDrop. Select ‘Off’ when you’re not using it.

•Avoid using ‘dynamic’ wallpapers (iOS 7)

Apple iphone 5 battery life fixiOS 7 now comes with animated wallpapers that move underneath your apps icons according to your hand movements. For example, the movements of the bubbles on the wallpaper that float around the screen depend on the direction you are holding your iPhone. These dynamic backgrounds offer a cool interface display, but consume more battery power than normal static wallpapers. You should, therefore, go for static wallpapers to extend your apple iPhone 5 battery life.

To select a static wallpaper, Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Backgrounds> Choose Wallpaper> Select a wallpaper from still category.

• Disable Auto Update Apps (iOS 7)

Apple iphone 5 battery life fixiOS 7 now updates your apps automatically in the background when new versions are released. Though this feature is convenient and keeps your apps always up to date but it consumes considerable battery power. You can, therefore, manage your battery better if you keep it restricted to manual update only at your convenience. To disable this,

Go to Settings >iTunes & App Store>Updates> Move slider to off/white.


 • Use location based system services selectively

Apple iphone 5 battery life fixPerhaps the biggest single drain on your iPhone battery is the location-based services. One of the coolest features in your iPhone is its built-in GPS which allows your phone to know your exact location and gives you driving directions and information that help you find your destination like addresses, restaurant and more. While apps like Google Maps are very useful, like any service that sends data over a network, it needs considerable battery power to work. Ads are also displayed based on your current location, while at the same time iPhone is constantly pinging to check your time zone and location. All of these things are needless and reduce battery life. You should, therefore, turn off location services for the apps that you  actually don’t need which is very effective for apple iPhone 5 battery life fix. To do this,

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. When On, scroll down to System Services, then un-check all of those items that you don’t really need.

 • Disable Push e-mail feature

Apple iphone 5 battery life fixPush email feature is very helpful when you are in hurry. By keeping this feature ‘on’ your iPhone on it’s own downloads the new e-mails for you instantly from the server as soon as they arrive, rather than waiting for you to launch Mail app and do the pull-to-refresh gesture to check yourself. But if you can wait that long, you can reduce the download cycle so that your iPhone is not required to check constantly for new emails. Instead, it will run a schedule every few minutes which helps in conserving your iPhone 5’s battery life significantly.

To change from ‘Push’ To ‘Fetch’ Email,

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data> Set Push to Off.

Scroll down and set the ‘Fetch’ schedule to every 15 minutes

If you can afford to wait to manually check your emails, go the manual route for the biggest impact on power saving. For this,

Go to Fetch>Choose Manually

• Disable Wi-Fi &Bluetooth when not in use

Apple iphone 5 battery life fixWi-Fi and other wireless networks should be disabled if they are not being used as they consume considerable battery power even when not in use as the radios inside the phone still remain on and continuously search for networks and devices to connect to. Therefore, if you are not using Bluetooth or near a Wi-Fi hotspot where you want to connect, these should be switched off to conserve power. To do this,

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > set to Off;  Go to Settings > Bluetooth > set to Off;

Also turn off the “Ask to Join Network” option, this also drains battery.

• Disable unnecessary notifications

Apple iphone 5 battery life fixMost of the Apps use notifications to inform about updates and various alerts such as, arrival of new email, text messages, who are liking your posts on Facebook etc. But every time your phone receives a notification it will vibrate, play a sound and the screen will light up for a few seconds, eating a little bit of power each time. To prolong your apple iPhone 5 battery life you can customize notifications settings by going to,

Settings > Notification Centre> Make necessary changes.

You should also hold back audible and vibration notifications, as well as those that turn on the backlit displays as far as possible.

• Disable 4G (and LTE) connectivity

Apple iphone 5 battery life fixAlthough 4G connectivity is faster than 3G, it uses a lot more battery power. Long-term evolution (LTE) connectivity often drains the battery even quicker. When not using streaming videos or high-bandwidth applications you should, therefore, disable 4G and LTE connectivity to extend your battery life. Though download speed will be slower but it will be an effective measure for your iPhone 5 battery life fix. To implement this,

Go to Settings > General > Cellular > Set Enable 4G (or Enable LTE) to Off.

• Reduce auto-lock period

Apple iphone 5 battery life fixYou can set your iPhone to automatically go to sleep, a feature known as Auto-Lock after a certain amount of time. The sooner it sleeps, the less power is used to run the screen or other services. Reducing back-lit display time for your iPhone helps increase battery life. Try setting Auto-Lock to 1 or 2 minutes. To do this,

Go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Tap your preference.


• Regularly close dormant background apps

Apple iphone 5 battery life fixThere are many iPhone apps which do not absolutely close after their use but continue to remain dormant in the background when no longer being used. Some of these apps which use cellular or location data and are battery intensive, continue to churn up power in the background. It is, therefore, suggested that you close down completely an app when you no longer need to use it.

To close an app properly, double-press the Home button and your iPhone will show you currently running apps. In iOS7 simply swipe up on the screenshot of any open app to close it fully. If you haven’t upgraded to iOS7 yet, press and hold on the app’s icon and a small red circle will appear on the icon – press this to stop the app. To return to the normal Home screen you simply press the Home button again.

• Turn off auto-brightness

Apple iphone 5 battery life fixIt is believed that “auto-brightness” feature in iPhone is provided to help conserve battery life by automatically and dynamically adjusting the brightness of the screen based on intensity of surrounding light. Yet many argue that this can actually cause battery drainage and reduce iPhone battery life as iPhone background resources always keep reading your iPhone screen and changing screen display which consumes battery power.

The best practice should, therefore, be to disable auto-brightness feature. Make the setting as below:

Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > reduce the brightness to 25-30 percent, or whatever feels comfortable.


Your iPhone 5 battery life fix does not always depend on the software settings only. Sometimes, users need to take proper care of his iPhone’s battery. This includes charging the battery when it is almost or fully drained and making sure that it is properly connected while charging, as well as not overcharging it.

If you don’t want to sacrifice any features of your iPhone or you need so much battery life that none of these tips help you enough, an extended battery life juice pack is your best bet. With one, you’ll get days more standby time and many hours more use. The battery packs like Mophie Juice-pack and Kensington battery-pack can double your new apple iPhone 5 battery life and save you in a pinch.


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