(Solved) iPhone touch screen not working properly? – 4 easy steps to fix

What to do if your iPhone won’t respond to touch?

 iPhone Touch Screen not working

Steps to fix if iPhone Touch Screen not working properly

iPhone touch screen not working properly or iPhone screen not responding to touch are some of the most challenging and frustrating issues that iPhone owners encounter at times. This is mainly due to the fact that operation of iPhone or iPad is entirely based upon the Touch feature, and this feature is the primary mode of interaction between you and your apps. This is besides the fact that you have spent a considerable amount for owning these Apple devices.

After launching of iPhone 5, ‘iPhone 5 touch screen not working’ was an issue, often reported by the iPhone users. However, Apple took note of this problem and occurrence of this issue was considerably reduced in the subsequent iPhone models. Although the issue – ‘iPhone screen not responding to touch’ doesn’t occur that easy for later models, but one can still come across complaint from many iPhone users of new models that iPhone touch screen not working properly. For some users, it is found that the iPhone touch screen stopped working at all while for some others it is found that certain portions of the iPhone screen unresponsive to touch. Most of the times the ‘iPhone touch screen not working properly’ issue arises due to LCD screen, but in a number of cases a simple restart or cleaning the connectors have done the job right.

 iPhone touch screen not working properly – probable causes

Now let us see why at times you may find that your iPhone screen not responding to touch. The probable causes are,

>Too many programs running at the same time causing memory issues;

>Your iPhone fell in water/ liquid;

>Accumulation of dirt or grease and foreign materials on the screen;

>Dry soldering of touch screen connectors;

>Faulty primary or secondary touch screen control IC;

>Touch screen got physically damaged;

iPhone touch screen not working properly – steps to fix

If you find your iPhone touch screen not working properly, you need not worry as like other smart-phone problems, this issue also has solutions. Here are 4 simple steps you can try when you find your iPhone screen not responding to touch. First of all try to remove any protective screen cover on your Apple device, since it might be obstructing the touch screen from working. If this does not work then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Restart the iPhone

At times, you may find your iPhone screen unresponsive to touch when too many programs are being run at the same time. This takes up a great deal of memory causing the screen to freeze and hang and you cannot close the applications. In such a situation when your iPhone touch screen not working properly and is frozen up, it is best to force the running applications to stop. The problem can be resolved by restarting your iPhone. To restart the device, follow the steps below:

i. Press and hold the Sleep/Power (On/Off) button at the top of your iPhone until the red slider bar appears;

ii. Drag the slider to turn your device completely off. Most of the programs shall close when the phone is turned off;

iii. After the device turns off, press and hold the Sleep/Power button again until the Apple logo appears;

Touch screen not working iPhone issue should now be resolved.

Step 2: Reset the iPhone

In rare occasions you may find the above restart process may not solve your ‘iPhone touch screen not working properly’ issue. In such a case, it may be necessary to reset your iPhone which means the phone will be forced to shut down without going through the usual process. To reset your device press and hold both the Sleep/Power (On/Off) and Home buttons at the same time for at least 10 seconds, until the phone restarts and displays the Apple logo. Release both the buttons and it should restore the screen to full working order. No data will be lost from your device for this reset.

Some iPhone users could solve the issue of ‘iPhone screen unresponsive to touch’ by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings.

Step 3: Restore iPhone to Factory settings

If the above steps fail to fix ‘iPhone screen not responding to touch’ issue or if you still find your iPhone Touch Screen not working properly, then you may need to perform a factory reset i.e. restore your iPhone to its original factory settings. However, you need to remember that restoring your iPhone to factory settings shall delete all your data on the device. Therefore, make sure to backup your entire data before going for restoring the device. To restore your iPhone to its original factory settings you are to follow the steps given below:

i. Connect the iPhone to your computer using a USB connector;
ii. In the device list in iTunes select your iPhone, and click Summary at the top;
iii. Click ‘Check for Update’ to know if any newer version of the your iPhone is available;
iv. Click Restore and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the restoration process;

While restoring, you back up your iPhone when prompted. Once the restore is completed, you can either set your iPhone as a new phone, or restore your entire data including videos, music and other content from the backup.

In case iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, it may be necessary to use recovery mode to restore your device as shown in the following step.

Step 4: Use recovery mode

To put your iPhone into recovery mode, follow the steps below:

i. Turn off your iPhone;

ii. Plug in your iPhone’s USB cable to your computer with iTunes;

iii. Connect the USB cable while you hold down the Home button on your device. Keep pressing the Home button until you see the following ‘connect to iTunes screen’;

Fix if iPhone screen not responding to touch

iv. Once you see the above screen, let go the Home button. If you don’t see this screen, try the steps over again;

When your iPhone is connected, iTunes will open and the following message saying that iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode will appear.

iPhone in recovery mode

Now use iTunes to restore your device.

restoring from back up when iPhone screen unresponsive to touch

Restoring in recovery mode will delete all the data on your device. If you previously synced your iPhone with iTunes you will be able to restore from the Back up as below:

i. Connect your iPhone to your computer that has backup of your device;

ii. Install the latest version of iTunes;

iii. Choose File > Devices > Restore from Back up;

Professional help when your iPhone touch screen not working properly

If you find your iPhone screen unresponsive to touch even after following these steps, hardware damage can be one of the major causes of your iPhone touch screen problem. Physical damage is found to be one of the common causes when you find your iPhone touch screen stopped working. It is not rare for an iPhone to slip out of hands by chance and get damaged making the iPhone screen unresponsive to touch. In such an event, realigning or replacing both the glass and the LCD could be the solution. Replacing the screen really isn’t that difficult. However, if you don’t know how to realign or replace your iPhone screen you may have to take help of the professionals to do the realignment or replacement of the screen. In many cases exposure to water or liquid has also been found to be a leading cause of iPhone screen not responding to touch because liquid can disrupt the transmission of electrical currents.

In above cases you can go to an Apple service center or make an appointment at the Genius Bar inside your local Apple Retail Store and take help of an expert. Even if you have not purchased the AppleCare plan you are still covered under 1 year warranty which is normal for all Apple products. However, make sure you do not jailbreak your device as this may void the warranty of your phone. Alternatively, you can take the phone to an experienced repair shop where skilled hands can evaluate and fix your iPhone touch screen problem with no hassle.

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Touch screen devices like iPhone, iPad, Tablets etc. are not only quite costly but also very sensitive and easily damaged. Proper care of your iDevices, therefore, is essential to avoid issues like iPad or iPhone screen not responding to touch as a result of physical damage or exposure to water. To prevent malfunctioning of the touch screen devices you may consider carrying cases and protective screen covers for your iPhone or iPad. While handling your device try to keep your hands clean so that the screen remains free from dirt and grease which begin to damage the internal components and eventually you may find your iPhone screen unresponsive to touch or your iPhone touch screen stopped working. The calibration of the screen may also start to falter over time and you may find your iPhone touch screen not working poperly. You should consult your operating manuals for instructions on how to re-calibrate the touch screen in such situation.

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    I tried everything but nothing helped, I had to change touch screen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OObLDnPH4w

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    Sep 20. 2015

    Today I cracked my iPhone screen not that badly but it was working most of the day but out of no where my phone screen won’t work and it won’t even let me unlock the thing

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    I used step 2 to get my iPhone working again. Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

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    MAHALO / Thanks!!!! ….clearing off ALL the many apps I have running by double clicking the HOME button …AND a restart of the phone…. MY SCREEN IS FUNTIONAL AGAIN ….such a simple fix…… need to remember to clear off apps running at the end of each day …just too many things running ….

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  8. Li-Fen Chang

    Oct 07. 2015

    Hi, my iPhone touch screen suddenly not working this morning. I try to power off, yet the power off dose not response to touch.
    Thank you for your help.

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    • Mark B.

      Oct 24. 2015

      I tried something i will never regret, because it is a permanent fix. Try soaking your motherboard in witch hazel for 5 minutes, then vacuum it thoroughly (it works better than a blow dryer) and wait about 10 minutes. Hope this helps 🙂

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    Thank you! Option 2 worked for me. This is a well-written and helpful guide.

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    My phone screen worked once I had restarted it by holding the power and home buttons, I was stuck with my alarm going off for a whole 2 hrs, every 8 min because I could turn it off. Not my finest hour I have to admit!

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    when i try to restart it i cant swipe to restart how can i fix it?

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    Thank you so much. I was getting so frustrated. You are the best. I tried step 2 and it worked.

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    Step 2 worked for me . Thank you

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    Hi, all i want to tell you is a greatful thanks for you and for your blog post. It helped a lot for my sister and brother iphone (5s). But the saddest things thats all didnt work on my 4s iphone. I got same problems but the differences is my sleep/awake button didnt work. For this 3 months i usually use home button to turn on my iphone and to lock it i use option from accesibility touch. When my iphone not responding i try to hold lock screen option from accesibility touch with home button for 10 seconds. But it didnt works. I didnt want to erase my data just for this. If you want to help me just contact me
    Email : [email protected]
    Line : yoyoyoy_
    Thank you, everyone please help me to fix this rare cases.
    God bless u.

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    Awesome advice. The 10 second holding of both buttons worked for me. Hooray. Thanks so much.

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    Thank you very much…
    Step2 resolved my touch screen issue…

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    Hi everyone, I just dropped my iphone in water one week ago. So, i repaired my iphone. These were the things they did : 1. change battery and next chemical cleaning. After that it was okay. But then after 4 days, it turns out to be like technical glitch and touch screen unresponsive. So can somebody help me? do i have to change the motherboard or just change the screen? tq

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    ooops sorry *i went for a repair
    not i repaired by myself

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    please can anyone help, i have dropped my Iphone 5c, no crack to the screen just full of lines and wont let me swipe to open 🙁

    i’m thinking i need a new screen?? please help ;(

    thanks in advance
    Carole x

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    Great sharing… helped me on m phone hang 🙂

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  29. Puspendu chowdhury

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    Im using this iPhone5 over a year..
    For the first time I face the problem..
    I cannnot pick up incoming calls by sliding the touch is not working.. and sometimes while using its not working too and i have to lock the screen and again unlock it to fix the touch screen.. I want to whats tfe problem.. Can please help me?

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  30. nick

    Mar 29. 2016

    but what do you do if all that fails

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    • radharenu ganguly

      Mar 29. 2016

      Hi Nick
      If none of these steps resolves the iPhone Touch Screen issue you will have to take the phone to an experienced repair shop where skilled hands can evaluate and fix the problem.

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  31. Modh

    Apr 21. 2016

    I had this problem and while restarting it my iPhone it won’t open again. What should I do ?

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    So what are you supposed to do if nothing on this list worked to fix my screen problem?

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    Thank you. I read post and was able to fix my touch screen problem also!!

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    My touch pad doesn’t work at all so I can’t unlock the touchpad to restore what do I do next?

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    May 25. 2016

    my iphone works bt touch is not working what i have to do

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  36. Pete

    Jul 14. 2016

    Hey Radharenu, your “Step 4: Use recovery mode” worked for me on my 5S! Unfortunately I found it too late — the people at the “Genius Bar” didn’t know about it so when “Step 2: Reset the iPhone” didn’t work, they told me I had to buy a new phone, which I did. Lesson learned (but at quite a substantial price) — don’t believe everything the Genius Bar tells you! And, your post should be elevated in the Google results somehow! Thank you for at least allowing me to access my data and maybe sell the now-working phone.

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  37. ilijah

    Jul 18. 2016

    I have got my phone fixed many of times, ran diogonstics on and have been on the phone and in the store with the the great apple folks and still no work. ive tried allyour steps and the genius bar steps and still no luck. my screen is unresponsive and my camera is pretty much non eistent everytime i somehow get to camera app it is just a black screen completely not only the camera app but all involving the camera. my phone is currently “restored and set up as new” please help this is the second time ive paid to get it “fixed” but it currently still is unresponsive and no camera

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    • radharenu ganguly

      Jul 21. 2016

      Hi ilijah,
      It’s possible that you have restrictions turned on, so first go to settings » general » restrictions and make sure the “allow camera” option is set to on. If this doesn’t work, try powering the device off and on or try to reset the device (sleep/wake key with home key). As a last resort, back up your data and then try to restore your phone in iTunes.

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  38. Cadry

    Jul 27. 2016

    After struggling and finding solutions for a while everywhere with my iPhone 5s, with unresponsive and ghost touch issue, I could get my iphone working with a temporary solution. Hope someone here gets a little relief by this solution as suggested on this video.


    Please note this is a workaround and the solution is to get your iPhone repaired.

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  39. heavin

    Aug 01. 2016

    I dropped my fone the screen is not responsive but i can use siri to text n call i still see all the messages coming in i just cant tyoe and if i reset it. I gtta put thr password back in and the screen doesnt work wat do i do

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  40. TenduGangu

    Aug 03. 2016

    I had the same problem and tried all the above. I did not want to do a full reset and setup as new phone as I was too lazy to set everything up again. But inadvertently, I let my phone run out of charge and it shut itself off. And when it started back on, the problem was fixed.

    Remember that too little space on the phone seems to create this problem as well. I suggest backing up some old pictures to reclaim some space before you do the same. Not sure why but this worked.

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  41. Tara

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  42. Aaron

    Aug 29. 2016

    I have an iPhone 6S+ and a brand new screen put on it. But every time I press the power button, I try to swipe over and I can’t. It won’t let me swipe left, right, up or down. Please help me!!!!

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  43. Julian

    Sep 17. 2016

    What about when you can’t swipe the power off slider?

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    • radharenu ganguly

      Sep 19. 2016

      Hi Julian,
      Try a hard reset by holding the power and home button together for 7 seconds, then let go of the home button and continue holding the power button. This will restart the iPhone.

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  44. Chad

    Sep 20. 2016

    Hi all,
    I dropped my iPhone 6 in water for about 5 second. After cleaning and drying it, it came to work perfectly but the touch screen is unresponsive. there are three technicians said the problem is not with the screen, it is with the motherboard because they put a new one on it but it didn’t work. In addition, they tested my old screen on another phone and it worked. So, is there any way to solve this problem?

    Do you know any program to transfer my data from iPhone to computer without required a passcode?

    Thank you so much

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    • radharenu ganguly

      Sep 20. 2016

      Hi Chad,
      You can try Free iPhone Data Recovery tool.
      Step 1: Run the iPhone Data Recovery tool on your PC and connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable.
      Step 2: Click the “Start Scan” button to let the program scan and extract data from the iPhone automatically.
      Step 3: Preview and selectively recover photos, contacts, videos or text messages from your iPhone.

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  45. Imli

    Sep 25. 2016

    Step 2 worked for me. Thank You!
    My screen was dark. Would not even let me do anything and Siri kept driving me nuts. The odd part is I was not even using Siri.and the I think the phone was in my purse when it got stuck.

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  46. Nguyen

    Sep 29. 2016

    My touchscreen was unresponsive, I’ve forced it to turn off but didn’t work. I’ve tried the steps mentioned above and it works like a brand new phone. Thank you for your help!!

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    Thanks for sharing.It was of great help.

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  49. Jasoe

    Oct 23. 2016

    I dropped my iphone 5 and now i have lines on the right side and right side touch screen is non responsive but the left side works

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  50. Rod

    Nov 01. 2016

    Mine started after the latest update. I have tried everything but taking it in. On mine it seems to be a software issue. The screen works sometimes great and other times not at all. The longer I use it the worse it gets. Usually all I have to do is put the phone to sleep then open it back up and it will work for a short time. I think there is some kind of a glitch in there update causing this. Makes me want my android back!

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    • sam

      Nov 07. 2016

      Hi, did you find a solution? I’m having the exact same situation. My iphone will work for maybe 2-5 minutes after I try any of these solutions. Then back to unresponsive. Sometimes it will even remain unresponsive after one of these fixes.

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      • New update makes touch unresponsive

        Nov 11. 2016

        Last week I have updated my iPhone 5s it makes my touch unresponsive so I contacted apple care but they told your phone has water problem and I have a small impact at bottom on screen this is ithe issue so your phones not cones under warranty..please provide suggestion to fix this issue

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  51. Deang

    Nov 11. 2016

    after i updated my Iphone 5 5 days ago the screen is acting weird it will be responsive for about 5 seconds and sometimes it will zoom in and when i zoom out it is so hard the picture will either go up or down and sometimes when i’m sliding left or right it is sliding but rather slow and it is normal to the top right screen part under the front cam to be warm? i just noticed it last night

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  52. Deang

    Nov 12. 2016

    after i updated my Iphone 5 ios 10.1.1 5 days ago the screen began acting weird (though i don’t know if the update is the problem) also i dropped it for maybe 6 weeks ago it will be responsive for about 5 seconds and sometimes it will zoom in and when i zoom out it is so hard the picture will either go up or down and sometimes when i’m sliding left or right it is sliding but rather slow and it is normal to the top right screen part under the front cam to be warm? i just noticed it last night

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  53. Ally

    Jun 15. 2017

    I find that the touch screen doesn’t work in the mornings. Especially annoying when I wake up from my mom calling me, only to not be able to accept the call because it won’t recognize my finger. Next time it happens I will try this trick, but if it doesn’t work, would you have any idea why. (I always close my apps after using them with the double home click thing, so it wouldn’t be because too many programs are open I don’t think.)

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  54. Stephanie

    Jul 03. 2017

    Apple care tried to fob me off with something like l dropped the phone and they will fix it for £150 like they were doing me a favour! I told them that l know my phone has touch disease and that there is a class action suit against Apple because they knew the boards were faulty when they sold them. Her response was this is what they tell me to say!
    Well anyhoo I have claimed on my mobile phone insurance. Paid £50 excess and they gonna send me a new phone. Apple suck!

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  55. Kumara

    Sep 13. 2017

    Clean the screen with a lint-free cloth.
    Restart your device.
    Remove your case or screen protector.
    info https://peakstory.com/life-hack/iphone-touch-screen-not-working-fix.html

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  56. Aalia

    Oct 29. 2017

    thanks for sharing the tips, i try on my iphone

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  57. Signal Delhi

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    We are searching the iphone 7 network settings. But not getting it. Can you do some help

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