YouTube app for Kindle Fire -how to install YouTube on Kindle Fire HD

Get YouTube On your Kindle Fire HD.

YouTube app for Kindle Fire

How to get YouTube on Kindle Fire HD

Can’t watch YouTube Videos smoothly on your new Kindle Fire HD or HDX? Get the YouTube app for Kindle Fire HD for smooth video watching on your tablet.  Here is how you can get YouTube on Kindle Fire HD. Read on….

Though, the Kindle Fire HD and HDX are extraordinary tablets from Amazon, possessing awesome features and both running on Android Operating System, it is not possible to install all the Android apps on either of the device out of the box. One of the main complaints about the Kindle Fire is that YouTube videos which are widely watched by people can’t be watched smoothly on these tablets because the YouTube for Kindle Fire is not pre-installed on them. Some users complain that the YouTube pages fail to load or loads erratically in some instances. Therefore, if you want to play YouTube videos smoothly on your tablet, you have to take help of a YouTube app compatible with Kindle Fire. But not only no YouTube App on Kindle Fire comes pre-installed on the Amazon’s Kindle devices (Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX), you also cannot add any Kindle Fire compatible YouTube app on your device via the Amazon App-store. There are some Kindle Fire compatible apps that are available in Google Play Store, but are not available in Amazon App-store. YouTube app for Kindle Fire is one such app which is not present in Amazon App-store. Hence, it can be said that Kindle Fire has its own limitations.

The Kindle Fire tablet has a 7 inch big display which is very suitable for watching videos. Therefore, the question is how we can get Kindle Fire compatible YouTube app on Kindle Fire HD? Because the official way to get apps on Kindle Fire devices is through Amazon App-store for Android, you have to install the YouTube on Kindle fire HD from sources other than Amazon app-store. Side-loading is the term used to describe installing an app on your Android device from a source other than an official app store i.e. Amazon App-store in this case. Thankfully, side-loading of Android apps to Kindle Fire is quite easy. If you are willing to install YouTube on Kindle Fire HD then you need to follow the simple steps given below:

Steps for Adding YouTube on Kindle Fire HD

1. To allow installation of Applications from sources other than Amazon app-store, first go to the ‘Settings’ tab by swiping down your finger from the top of your screen and tap on ‘Applications’;

Get YouTube App for Kindle Fire

2. Tap the option ‘Apps from unknown sources’. This will bring up a warning note telling you that downloading apps outside the Amazon App Store could be harmful. Tap ‘OK’ (Make sure to do some research to find a reliable download site to accept the warning);

download YouTube app for kindle fire from unknown sources

Install YouTube app for Kindle Fire HD

3. Go to Amazon’s ‘App Store’ and download and install a File Explorer or File Manager app on your tablet, which is necessary for side-loading apps.  You can download ‘ES File Explorer’, which is a free app and simple to use and has a lot of features. It will give you access to the‘YouTube App’ (‘YouTube Apk’) after download;

how to download YouTube app for kindle fire

4. To find the app open your browser and search for the latest app by name (YouTube.apk). All Android apps have the file name ‘.apk’. Make sure to find a reliable download site and the correct name of the app to avoid any malware;

search for the YouTube app for your kindle fire

search for the YouTube app

5. Tap the link to download the app in question. This will bring up a prompt telling you that the file will be downloaded to your device, tap OK;

download YouTube app for kindle fire

6. Now Open up the ‘ES File Explorer’ (or any other downloaded file manager app). On the left side tap Local, and in the drop down menu tap Download. This will show you all the files you have downloaded to your tablet. The ‘YouTube app’ (YouTube.apk) should also be here. If it isn’t there try to download it again;

get YouTube app for kindle fire

7. Choose the file for the app you just downloaded. This will bring up a screen asking if you want to install the application. Tap Next to install. Wait for few seconds and the YouTube app for Kindle Fire  will be installed;

Get YouTube app for kindle fire

8. Once the app is installed go back to the Home screen to check if the YouTube app on Kindle Fire has been installed. If you did everything right, the Kindle Fire YouTube should appear in the ‘Device’ section alongside the others. Click the ‘YouTube’ icon to open it on your Kindle Tablet and start watching videos;

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Now that you know how to get YouTube on Kindle Fire HD you can watch the YouTube videos on your tablet easily and smoothly. However, one caveat here is that even though the YouTube app for Kindle Fire is successfully installed on your Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire HDX tablet, it won’t give you access to all the features. You can watch as many videos as you like but you won’t be able to subscribe to any channel. That’s the limitation of YouTube on Kindle Fire HD.

14 Responses to “YouTube app for Kindle Fire -how to install YouTube on Kindle Fire HD”

  1. Ryan

    Aug 25. 2015

    Can’t be done sadly. You can install the youtube apk just fine but when you run the app it says that you also need to install Google play services. The all for that one however will not run on the kindle. Or its simply my bad luck that I’ve come to this conclusion.

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    • Julia Softorino

      Dec 22. 2015

      on andorid phones it doesn`t work yes
      but if you have Softorino YouTube converter you can easily save videos to iOS devices

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    • Steve

      Dec 26. 2015

      I downloaded the YouTube.apk file fine as well then got the message that it can’t play without google play. Is there a workaround for this as well?

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  2. Peter C.

    Nov 05. 2015

    Thanks for the sharing here. Yes, I remember there’s no YouTube app in Amazon Appstore in the past, so we need workaround. But now Amazon has the YouTube app already, seems it’s working fine:

    But good to know that we have other choices, when this app doesn’t work well.

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    • Jack

      Apr 19. 2017

      Hiya, unfortunately 1st and 2nd generation fires don’t work with the official app, vTube on the appstore works well with my fire, but sometimes crashes so I looked here for help, as soon as I got both youtube and google play services this app works best.
      Thanks for the help

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  3. Patrick

    Nov 15. 2015

    I read this detailed article with interest and then the first comment says sorry no, doesn’t work, and second comment says there is a kindle app for YouTube, not necessary to do this. What is the accurate technical real truth?

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    • Ravenna

      May 28. 2017

      Technically there are multiple youtube apps for kindle, all of which are essentially web browsers without an address bar and youtube as the home page. And you can’t install and use the official youtube app from google without rooting the kindle and installing google play services.

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  4. Jeremy

    Jan 09. 2016

    Youtube 5.0.21 .apk works for kindle fire. You can’t sign in but you can watch videos.

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  5. Elaine

    Nov 30. 2016

    Just ordered a Fire tablet for hubby.
    Can he access the App Store & download a pool game compatible with this tablet?
    If not, does Amazon have pool games?

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    • radharenu ganguly

      Dec 04. 2016

      Hi Elaine,
      Amazon has many ingenious Pool toys and floats for Adults which can be installed on the Kindle, Kindle HD, Kindle HDX, any Android phone/tablet, PC, or iPhone/iPad.

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  6. Pascal

    Mar 25. 2017

    How can i play youtube playlists on kindle fire? It doesnt work with amazon since recent update.

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