How to Download ShowBox on iPhone to watch free movies

An easy guide to download Showbox on iPhone.

showbox for iPhone

How to download Showbox on iPhone

In this post, I am going to show you how to download showbox on iPhone or iPad flawlessly. Showbox for iPhone is one of the most popular entertainment apps for the Apple Smartphone users. Showbox app is a video streaming app by which one can watch unlimited movies and TV Shows with HD clarity free of cost on various platforms like iOS, Android or Windows. Before I go to show the steps to download Showbox on iPhone, a little issue needs clarification to clear the confusion about downloading the official version of Showbox for iPhone directly on your Apple device.

Showbox was first launched in all the specific application stores of the operating systems including iOS Appstore. But soon after it was taken down from iOS store by the developer team due to some bugs and glitches. The App was also removed from the Android Google Play Store as well as from Windows Store for infringement of rules. Nevertheless, while the Android users could still get the exact Showbox App back on their devices with the help of Apk file, iOS users were unable to get the same because unlike Android platform, iOS doesn’t support Showbox apk for iPhone. However, the same developer team also developed another app named as Moviebox for iOS platform with features similar to Showbox. Moviebox  works exactly the same way as Showbox does but with a different name. In fact, Moviebox is nothing but the iOS app version of ShowBox for iPhone. Hence, although you no longer can download the official version of Showbox on iPhone directly from the iOS Appstore, you can still enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows free by downloading the Moviebox app. But before heading to the steps for ‘how to download Showbox on iPhone’ let us look into some of the unique features of MovieBox app/Showbox for iPhone to give you a clear idea about the app.

Features of MovieBox (similar as Showbox for iPhone)

  • Decent User Interface for everyone (similar to showbox for iPhone);
  • Free app compatible with all the versions of iOS;
  • No apk file is needed to install it on iOS platform;
  • Being a light weight app, it works smoothly on a device;
  • No registration or sign up process required;
  • No login details such as username and password required;
  • Simple listings of all the latest Hollywood movies and TV Shows;
  • Just tap on the selected movie and start watching it right then;
  • Select the quality of the movie according to the speed of your Internet connection;
  • Download the selected movie easily by hitting the download option;
  • You can search for the desired movies and TV Shows by using the Search option;
  • It enables users to create a Watch & Watched lists separately;
  • Get brief movie descriptions available;
  • Get regular new updates about the movies and TV Shows with the Updates section and much more;

How to download Showbox on iPhone /Movie Box for iPhone

Follow the step by step guide below to download & install MovieBox on your device, which is nothing but iOS version  of Showbox for iPhone or iPad, with the help of vShare Helper. vShare is one of the best freeware which hosts collection of latest apps for iOS & Android users. There is virtually no app crash after installing them with vShare. This is by far the most reliable method for downloading Moviebox on your device without jail-breaking to watch movies on iPhone.

This guide on ‘how to download Showbox on iPhone or Movie Box for iPhone’ works for iPhone running iOS 7.0 to latest version of iOS 10.

 Guide for downloading and installing  Movie Box /Showbox on iPhone


  • iPhone or iPad running iOS 7.0 – 10.0;
  • Access to a Windows PC;
  • USB cable for connect your iOS device to computer;

1. Go to the official website of vShare on your computer and download & install the latest version of vShare Helper for Windows;

download showbox for iphone

2. After downloading vShare Helper on your computer, open vShare Helper and connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer via USB cable;

download showbox on iPhone

3. Once connected, give your computer a few moments to recognize your iOS device and install the required drivers. When complete, you should get a prompt on your iPhone to “Trust” your computer. Once you tap trust, you should see the following screen that confirms your connection;


4. Now that you’ve established a connection between your iPhone and PC, you can now start pushing the MovieBox app to install on your iPhone. To get started, click on the Apps Tab at the top, find the MovieBox app on the left side (if you are unable to see MovieBox app, type “movie box” in the search bar & find the app) and hit ‘Download’ button just below the app icon;

download moviebox app for iPhone

5. To monitor the progress of the current download click on the ‘Downloads’ tab on the top of the window;

download moviebox/showbox for iPhone

5. When the download is complete click the “Completed” tab in the left on the vShare window under “Downloading” and Movie Box app will appear as a downloaded item. Just tap on the “Install” button to install Movie Box on your iPhone/iPad;

download showbox on iPhone

6. Once the app is installed on your device you can see Movie Box app icon on your device’s Home Screen;

how to download showbox on iPhone

7. Before launching Movie Box, you need to verify and trust the application. For this, go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Profiles & Device Management” then select developer name to trust the certificate;

8. Tap on “Trust” to finish verification for the MovieBox app;

showbox for iPhone download

9. Finally open Moviebox app on your home screen, and start watching or downloading all your favorite movies, TV shows, Music videos directly free of cost;

Common issues and solutions while downloading Showbox on iPhone

  • Fix flashback: Go to vShare “Setting”>“Re-authorization”and follow the detailed steps. If it failed, delete the old one, and then re-download it in vShare;
  • “Please insert your Apple ID” Popup: Connect your iOS device to vShare Helper, click “Re-authorization”, and then reopen the app. If it failed, delete the old one and then re-download it;
  • iOS device can’t connect to vShare Helper: When you connect your iOS device to your computer, please “Trust” this computer, and make sure you have downloaded the driver. For more details go to;
  • How to reduce flashback and popup: To prevent the flashback, please download/update/uninstall app on your iOS device with vShare Helper;
  • “Install” button doesn’t work after app is downloaded: Go back to vShare Helper home screen to check the progress. If “Install” button does not work even after clicking several times, restart your iOS device and try again;
  • How to upgrade: Click the “Download” button next to Search box. Go to “Upgrade”, and choose the app that you want to upgrade and click the upgrade button. If you want to upgrade vShare, go to vShare “Setting”>“Upgrade-vShare”;
  • Update failed: If you failed to upgrade an app, please delete the old one, and then re-download the newest one;


Now that you have followed the most reliable procedure on how to download Showbox on iPhone/Movie Box for iPhone you can safely go for getting the Moviebox app for your device using the vShare Helper software as above and watch movies & TV shows with HD clarity for free. You need not jail-break your device for using vShare. As already explained earlier, Moviebox for iPhone is one of the finest apps and is considered as iOS version of Showbox for iPhone as it works exactly the same way as Showbox app does but with a different name.  In case if you get any problem with the app, just clear the app’s cache and restart you phone and try again.

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    The best part is, it is absolutely free for everyone and it also provides multiple resolution of the videos.
    You can also watch the videos even when you are offline.
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